About The Process

JP Scalpworx is committed to exceeding your expectations in every way. We believe that the quality of our work, attentiveness to our clients and value we offer are the cornerstones of our success. After your case has been reviewed and it’s determined that you’re a candidate for scalp micropigmentation (SMP), a specific plan will be formulated to ensure your individual needs and expectations are met. We can review your case over the phone or you can schedule an in-person consultation at no charge. Procedures may take anywhere from 2 to 7 hours, depending on the level of hair loss and type of procedure. We strive to reach full density same day, although rare, very large procedures may need to be scheduled over 2 consecutive days.

You will be required to shower and shampoo your hair thoroughly prior to your procedure and refrain from applying topical products. If you’re having the “buzz cut” procedure, you will need to clip your hair not longer than 1/16” before coming to your appointment. Please do not blade shave your head. If you’re having a “density” procedure, please keep your hair at the length you would regularly wear it. If you dye your hair regularly, it’s encouraged to do this before your procedure versus having to wait until your scalp is healed afterwards. If you presently wear a hair system, you must stop wearing it for at least 10 days prior to your procedure date. This allows time for the scalp to breathe as well as sufficient time for any adhesive irritations to heal.

Upon arrival for your procedure, you will meet with either artist Justin Chamberland or Justin Sardine. You’ll need to complete all necessary forms as required by the Fulton County Board of Health, we will also need make a copy of your photo ID at this time. We encourage you to ask any questions you have prior to the commencement of your SMP procedure.

Before the application of SMP begins, your hairline (for buzz cuts), will be drawn to your satisfaction. This typically involves restoring your original hairline and keeping it age appropriate. The pigment will be mixed, taking into account your skin tone and hair color to help create the best blend. We place follicle-sized points on your scalp with a specialized sterile and hermetically sealed one-time-use needle and a tattooing machine. Creating an undetectable blend is an art form and is achieved through mastering blending techniques by varying follicle densities.

There is no recuperation time, and an aftercare kit will be provided with further instructions. The scalp will heal itself in a week. During the healing period, swimming, heavy sweating and sun exposure must be avoided. Keeping the scalp clean is also very important. Some areas of the scalp may be red from irritation for approximately 24-72 hours, and this is usually more pronounced on clients with lighter complexions. You may wear a hat if you’d like as long as it’s clean and not tight fitting. After 1 month the applied pigment will cure to its final shade, approximately 20-30% lighter than initially applied. Wearing a hat or sunscreen during extended periods of sun exposure is your best protection in the long term.

Your post month touch-up is highly encouraged and is included in the cost of your procedure. We ordinarily try to book this follow up visit on the day of your procedure. During this follow up visit, pigment retention, curing, tone and density is thoroughly examined and touched-up to achieve your finalized results. Clients can expect the touch-up to last a few hours.